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A Siren’s Call to Sadness

by sandra on August 11, 2017

In the middle of the night I was          awakened by the wailing of a woman  across the yard            at least 500 feet away I put on my robe and went outside (…)

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by sandra on September 25, 2016

{I first published this post September 21, 2012.  Every fall, She shows up as a complete surprise and today was the day.  Each year, She reminds me that, just when you’re not expecting it, Life will waft something beautiful your way.} It (…)

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Too Much, Too Soon

by sandra on January 25, 2013

Fifty birds scurry within the labyrinth of brittle, winter trees outside my living-room gazing station. Merrily, they travel amidst their tangled and barren jungle-gym, dramatically dipping from the limb they’re on, over to the branches of a neighboring tree. “Merrily” is my choice of (…)

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Shoveling Snow

by sandra on December 22, 2012

{It snowed today in Cleveland – about four inches. What was once de rigeur for a Midwestern winter has now become almost a novelty.  We all bundled up in piles of snow clothes, went outside, ran around in the virgin snow and tossed (…)

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Another Twelve Rounds

by sandra on November 1, 2012

My big toe skims her pristine, sparkling pond of hope She is a mirror telling me that I am the fairest of them all I believe Only because I want to Her ivory hand fleshy, sweet and plump from lack (…)

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